Several people are considering to be a freelance writer, and when you are among them, you need to be well informed on how you can quickly make money online. Regardless of your resume or experience, you can make money in the online field, and the following are some of the things that you can do. Click here for more information about marketing.
You should research and identify some of the best online marketplaces as these are websites that are meant to connect the writers and clients. After you have identified some of the top online marketplaces such as UpWork and Fivver, you should make an attractive profile and consistently place bids so that you can get started.
You should research and identify some of the top Content Mills such as Great Content and HireWriters, which are websites designed to create articles for sale. After you have identified some of the top websites, you should make an application, and once successful, you will undergo training so that you may offer quality articles.
You can search for writing opportunities on the job board as most of the employers are likely to post writing opportunities. The leading job boards include Simply Hired and Blogging Pro, and before you develop a contract with any of the employers, you should be sure that they will pay. 
Most of the entertainment websites are continuously looking for writers who have skills in creative writing. As long as you can get approval from the company's editors, you will be good to go, and some of the top websites include College Humor and Cosmopolitan. For more details, check it out.
You can become your employer by creating a blogging website and be creative with most of the articles that you write. You can earn from blogging when you create the best content on issues such as parenting or personal finance and charge for the advertisement space.
You can professionally use social media accounts such as LinkedIn in finding employers who are looking for writers. Most of the employers have turned to LinkedIn and connecting with several friends can ensure that you get writing gigs.
If you are a creative writer, you can write most of your works and sell them in eBook format to sites such as iTunes or GoodReads. You could also offer product descriptions in marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay by contacting sellers who have not displayed the right specifications.
When you are knowledgeable in most of the topics such as parenting, movie reviews, gaming, casinos or video transcription, you can develop content about them and sell them to the relevant websites. It can be easy to convince most of the employers about your skills when you have a good profile and also have a portfolio to back your claims. Discover more at
How to Launch Your Freelance Writing Job as A Beginner